Who We Are

The California Construction Academy (CCA) is project of the UCLA Labor Center dedicated to building a better construction industry through facilitation, research and popular education.  CCA envisions a construction industry that leads the nation in triple bottom line returns–for the environment, the economy and society.


The California Construction Academy (CCA) works to create a world in which:

  • The construction industry is a leader in achieving triple bottom line standards in the US—economic prosperity, inclusive social opportunity and environmental sustainability.
  • Construction workers from all backgrounds have access to middle class career pathways, educated contractors elect equitable and fair business models, and the construction industry overall raises its building standards to ensure each project contributes to a healthy environment.


To achieve these goals, CCA employs the following strategies:

CCA facilitates relationships between diverse stakeholders, including governments, businesses, community, academia, and labor.  CCA helps unlikely partners develop shared trust, mutual interest, and innovative strategies to generate equitable policies and practices in the construction industry.
    CCA sets the tone for the public debate on construction by providing reliable research and analysis related to equitable construction opportunities and policies.  CCA provides information to help stakeholders understand how their practices can generate family-supporting wages, environmentally sustainable practices, economic prosperity, and empowered local communities.
    CCA makes complex ideas accessible to multiple audiences.  CCA generates clear and engaging educational materials, trains partners on pressing construction issues, captures compelling stories and communicates best practices widely.