There are many shades of green. Go deep green.

The nation’s energy efficiency market is at a crossroads. In this critical moment, labor, policy, community and business leaders will choose whether energy efficiency becomes one of the economic recovery’s success stories, or slowly fades away.

California Construction Academy’s new book, Beyond Green Jobs describes how comprehensive, deep green energy efficiency can bring the best benefits to the environment and create good, long-term careers. It demystifies the construction industry, captures snapshots of innovative programs throughout the country, and provides a foundation to bring energy efficiency to scale.

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Daniel Villao, Primary Author

Daniel Villao brings construction industry expertise to the field of energy efficiency.  Daniel completed his apprenticeship as an electrician with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Local 11 and worked for many years in the electrical industry.

Prior to his work at the UCLA Labor Center, Daniel served as a council representative for the Los Angeles and Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council.  As Council Representative, Daniel played a key role managing all public sector engagements for the 437,000 members represented by the Council and their affiliates. He has been a strategic advocate for civil service apprenticeship, including the design and implementation of the Port Electrical Mechanical Apprenticeship program (PEMA) in Los Angeles. Daniel’s expertise in the construction industry has allowed him to build strong partnerships between multiple sectors—labor, policy, community, and business.

Daniel serves on the national Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship for Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. He sits on the Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board (WIB). He is also on the executive committees of the national board of directors of Association of Latino Professionals in Finance, Accounting and Related Businesses (ALFA) and CORO, an organization that prepares individuals for effective and ethical leadership in public affairs.

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