Beyond Green Jobs contains a number of graphics that break down construction and energy efficiency concepts. Please find below several of these graphics for download. More are on the way

These graphics are in poster size for easy printing. Select “fit to page” on your computer to view or print graphic in a smaller size.

Graphics by Robert Loza.

Beyond Green Jobs: The High Road or the Low Road? (One-pager version)

This graphic depicts two paths in energy efficiency. Rather than receiving training to just replace lightbulbs, a worker can become an electrician and have a career far into the future. Going deep green means lifelong opportunities for plumbers, heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) mechanics, and other skilled construction craft workers.


What is Deep Green?

There are many shades of green. This graphic breaks down the different types of building improvements along the spectrum and illustrates how this impacts the quality of jobs. Going deep green means increasing demand for skilled workers who can perform a range of retrofit work.


What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are rigorous training programs that combine in-class and on-the-job training for workers in a specific trade. Apprenticeships help train new workers, retrain current workers, and allow the industry to adapt to emerging technologies. This graphic explains the pipeline to construction jobs with and without apprenticeships, and illustrates the construction career ladder.


What is a Project Labor Agreement?

This featured graphic comes from CCA’s new book, Beyond Green Jobs. Project labor agreements (PLAs) can be powerful tools to increase access to quality construction careers, particularly for disadvantaged workers, minorities, veterans and women. However, the way they work is sometimes confusing. This graphic explains the different components of a typical PLA.