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Generating Demand for Green Jobs: Transforming the Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Energy Efficiency Retrofit Markets through Community Partnerships
Daniel Villao, Hugo Sarmiento, and Uyen Le
Today, many people wonder if it is possible to fulfill the green jobs promise. What stands in the way of creating good green careers that reduce our carbon footprint and sustain our communities? This paper examines a handful of case studies from across the country that attempt to transform the residential and commercial retrofit markets. These cases share common themes and use innovative strategies to finance projects, engage property owners, and produce results. This paper was presented at the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy (ACEEE)'s Summer Study.

Green Jobs or Green Careers: The Role of Apprenticeships to Train a Workforce for Energy Efficiency Retrofits
Uyen Le, Daniel Villao, and Stefanie Ritoper.
One major barrier to fulfilling the promise of green jobs in construction is to connect job creation efforts to quality career training and placement programs. This paper, presented at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE)'s Summer Study, focuses on two main strategies to create quality careers and placement opportunities through deep green energy efficiency retrofits. The authors highlight joint labor-management apprenticeships and describe two different active energy efficiency programs, Clean Energy Works Portland/Oregon and SustainableWorks Washington.

On Track for Quality Careers: Project Labor Agreements and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Daniel Villao and Uyen Le
Published at the 2012 National Transportation Workforce Summit, this paper discusses workforce policies and processes at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to implement Measure R. It evaluates MTA policies that aim to create good construction careers that are accessible to diverse communities.

Project Labor Agreements: Pathways to Business Ownership and Workforce Development in Los Angeles
Uyen Le
This study examines data from Los Angeles Unified School District's Project Stabilization Agreement from 2003 to 2011. The report finds that 48% of construction project dollars went to small and disadvantaged businesses, far surpassing LAUSD’s goal to ensure that 25% of construction project dollars went to small business enterprises (SBE).

Project Labor Agreement & School Construction White Paper
California Construction Academy
This white paper reviews the study “Measuring the Cost of Project Labor Agreements on School Construction in California,” written by Vince Vasquez, Dr. Dale Glaser, and W. Erik Bruvold and funded by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC). The analysis raises concerns about the study’s focus, methodology, and the way in which results are reported. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson cites this study in an open letter to county and district superintendents and charter school administrators.

The Case for Deep Green Energy Efficiency: Why Basic Weatherization Will Fall Short in Maximizing Carbon Reductions and Green Job Opportunities.
Daniel Villao, Elizabeth Stewart, and Uyen Le.
This report highlights how and why a deep green approach to energy efficiency can unlock the opportunities to maximize emission reductions, energy savings, and job creation. The authors outline recommendations for developing clear program objectives and outcomes for a deep green approach to energy efficiency.

Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofit Programs: A Comparative Analysis
Jonathan Cherry, Uyen Le, Mathew Palmer, Elizabeth Stewart



Good, Green Jobs and Green Retrofits for Municipal Buildings
Linda Delp (LOSH), and Elizabeth Stewart (CCA), Community Scholars Participants.



Construction Careers for Our Communities
Peter Phillips, Community Scholars Participants