Three Generations: From the Fields to Construction to UCLA

MIT’s CoLab Radio blog featured Paul Garcia, who talks about the three generations of his family, from the fields to construction to UCLA. Paul’s father is a laborer with Laborers Union Local 652.

“It’s been a generational struggle, from backbreaking work in the agricultural fields my grandfather endured to my father’s hard work in construction,” Paul says. “I am proud of where I come from, and this is what I felt when I received my diploma this year. I owe all the opportunities available to me to my family’s sacrifice and hard work.”

Read the story on CoLab Radio.

Update: Several other outlets also picked up this story! Read Paul’s story on the AFL-CIO Blog, California Labor Federation’s Labor’s Edge blog, and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor’s Construction Careers site.



Madelyn Broadus, Sheet Metal Worker

Stefanie Ritoper, MIT’s CoLab Radio Blog, June 25, 2012

MIT’s Colab Radio blog featured a post by CCA’s Stefanie Ritoper about Madelyn Broadus. Madelyn thought her third bout of cancer was going to be her final strike. “But my God didn’t play baseball,” says Los Angeles Black Worker Center‘s Madelyn Broadus. She talks about her persistence, the changing face of the construction industry and what it’s like to be a sheet metal worker.

Read the story on CoLab Radio.