7 Things to Be Thankful For at Work

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, here are some reasons to be thankful at work. It may sometimes be easy to take these workplace rights for granted, but they are the result of years of work by community and labor leaders.

Let’s give thanks for the right to:

  1. The weekend!
    Overtime pay and the 40-hour work week, from the National Labor Relations Act (1938).
  2. Minimum wage
    National Labor Relations Act (1938).
  3. A work-free childhood
    National Labor Relations Act (1938).
  4. Rest and meal breaks
    National Labor Relations Act (1938).
  5. Maternity leave
    Family and Medical Leave Act (1993).
  6. A safe workplace
    Occupational Health and Safety Act (1970).
  7. Stand up for these rights without being fired
    National Labor Relations Act (1938).

There’s definitely much more to do to ensure that all people have access to high quality jobs. Let the fight continue!

Graphic courtesy of the California Construction Academy and the UCLA Labor Center. Photo courtesy of Dawn Jones, Oregon Tradeswomen.

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